Cartrailer with air suspension | 458x200cm

Cartrailer with air suspension | 458x200cm

This car transporter has been especially built and optimized to transport cars. Because the trailer has air suspension, the loading floor can be fully lowered, resulting in a limited drive-up angle, making it possible to drive virtually every car up and off the loading floor without problems. Even cars with a very limited ground clearance due to, for instance, low front spoilers or side skirts.

The maximum loading floor width is 200cm! From now on no loading ramps are needed. Since you do not have to put them away anymore the continuous rattling when you are driving is a thing of the past.

The independent air suspension with level control ensures exceptional driving comfort. The boundless ease of loading and unloading without ramps being required combined with the extremely comfortable driving performance make this the car transporter of the future.

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